Video and photographic consulting

Dear Patients,

A temporary adjustment/amendment to our Privacy Policy & GDPR

At the moment we are testing and using new suppliers for both photos and video consultations.

This is to help us quickly adapt during the pandemic and to continue your care effectively. For example, we may use a new provider for video consultations. We may not be able to add these to our transparency materials right away, and we apologise for this but please be assured that all of our processors are bound by contract to protect your data.

During COVID-19 we may ask you to send a photograph of your bruise or skin condition that you are concerned about whilst we conduct virtual consultations. This photograph will be used by the clinician to determine any medical treatment necessary and will be added to your medical record.

Please note that as this is sent via email, it may not be secure and we therefore ask that you only include your NHS number alongside your photograph in the email. The photograph should only be of the area requested and no other person should be visible in the shot.

Most of the time you will be sent a text message with a link. It will say Dear ***** and that I’m ready to start  our consultation via video. It is always best to join via your browser on your phone or tablet or PC screen. Chrome works the best we have found, although IOS Safari does too. It will always tell you which Clinician you will be speaking to.

We will update you again when we have more news. But please, in the meantime, contact us with any feedback on the video consultations through the website or to the Clinician themselves.


The Team at The Vernon and Lanes Medical Centre