Pharmacy news – requesting medication

Dear Patients,

Can we please remind you to electronically request prescriptions through our website and ensure you have a nominated Pharmacy (this means Pharmacy which you would like your prescription to be sent to as it cannot be picked up from the Practice as normal) or contact the Medicine Orderline (MOLs) on 0115 855 0260 Monday – Friday 08.00 – 16.00

Processes to make things easier for all

Please note our Pharmacy colleagues are also experiencing an unprecedented demand on their services, including the issues that patients are requesting medication earlier or in greater quantities than normal.

We are asking for your help to not over-order your medication so there is enough for everyone.

Please allow five days for our Pharmacy colleagues to fill this prescription and to allow us 2 working days to process your Prescription and get it to them. This means you can request the prescription two weeks before you run out of your medication, but you must not expect it to be ready for eight working days, from submission to us, to the Pharmacy to fill and for you to collect.


Pharmacy premises are subject to the same cleaning and distancing that any other location would be, this means that there may be some alteration to the times they can allow people through the door. Under the emergency agreements, the minimum they are to open to face to face patients for collection or queries is between 10am and 12noon, then 2pm to 4pm. Some may be open for longer, or at different times. Please check their door for information. Please respect the closure of the door between patients entering and leaving the premises too.

If you have any questions that concern your Pharmacy, please contact them directly.

If you have any questions relating to your request for a prescription, please go to the ‘ASK RECEPTION A QUESTION’ or call us.

If you wish to request medication, please go to the PRESCRIPTION REQUEST PAGE for further information. REMEMBER to let us know which Pharmacy we are to send your prescription to. Unfortunately, you will not be able to collect a paper prescription unless you have been asked to do so due to the nature of your medication.

If you are in the vulnerable or at risk groups and need someone to help with your prescription, please visit the Derby City Covid Community Hub the details can be found on this page  VULNERABLE PATIENTS