Let Us Reassure You

Dear Patients,

We know from the enquiries by yourselves, that you have a lot of worries about different things (especially coronavirus!) but we have noticed a sharp decline in people with symptoms that could indicate illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks.

Let us reassure you…

We are still seeing patients face to face for scheduled appointments after you have spoken to a Doctor or a Nurse on the phone. The Clinician will be wearing masks, face shields aprons and gloves and we encourage you to use the hand sanitizer on entry and exit from the building. The Clinician ensures the room is cleaned before and after each appointment. They change their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) between each patient, as do our Reception and Management team answering the door to you.

Are you worried about calling us, or contacting us via our website to get some help regarding your symptoms? Don’t use ‘Dr Google’, please contact us on the website here, or call us.

Please don’t wait if you notice something that isn’t right , just because you are worried about getting coronavirus while you attend either here at the Practice, or at Hospital.

Here are a few words from Cally Palmer – National Cancer Director, NHSE

“If you spot any symptoms which could indicate cancer, don’t just sit worrying about it at home – you can still contact your GP, usually by telephone or on-line. They will be able to advise on whether you need to get checked. If you have an urgent appointment for a diagnostic test, or are having treatment already it is important that you attend your appointments. The team looking after you will be able to advise on how to do this, if you are in doubt.”

We are still here for you, by telephone, or by the website and if needed, in person.

The Team at The Vernon & Lanes Medical Centre