COVID19 Patient Update – We’re still here to help

Dear Patient

I know many of you are anxious about the current Covid-19 pandemic and we wanted to update you with what is happening at The Vernon & Lanes Medical Centre

  • If you have a new continuous cough,  fever or loss of taste or smell please stay at home and go to NHS 111 Online for further instructions.
  • All appointments are telephone triaged first (please phone 01332 332812 or 01332 271374 to request a telephone call back). Once a clinician has telephoned you they will decide whether a face to face appointment is appropriate.
  • We now have the facility to hold a consultation via video when the clinician feels this would assist in discussing your care
  • Should a photograph be required to help the clinician with your telephone triage appointment, you will be sent a text requesting the photo and providing the necessary link to return it to.
  • There is also a new facility on our website called ‘Get help With Any Health Problem. Please feel free to use this for simple queries and questions that we will reply to within 2 working days. Replies might take a little longer if we are really busy so please don’t use it for urgent questions. It also has an administrative section where you can request a Fit note (although please do not request a Fit note for Covid-19 but instead go to 111 online for an Isolation Note), order prescriptions, discuss test results etc.

Once a clinician has telephone triaged your appointment, if a face to face appointment is deemed necessary, you will be directed as follows:

Patients without Covid-19 symptoms

  • An appointment will be given at The Vernon Street Medical Centre (no13). Our front door is shut so please ring the bell to advise the clinicians of your arrival
  • The Clinicians needs to put protective equipment on so please allow them time to answer the door.
  • Before entering the Practice the clinician will check you temperature
  • Nursing appointments are still available for
    • Smears, immunisations and vaccinations, ECG, blood tests, blood pressure, woundcare
    • We are not currently offering easr syringing as this is considered an aerosol generating procedure and has increased risk of spreading infection

Patients needing to be seen who also have Covid-19 symptoms

  • An appointment will be given at our RED HUB at 10 Vernon Street, Derby.
  • Please telephone 01332 344909 to let the receptionist know you have arrived.
  • You will be requested to remain in your car until you are called by either a receptionist or clinician and given further instruction.
  • Please ensure we have a correct mobile number for you and car registration number.
  • Full PPE will be worn by the clinician but if you have a mask at home, please ensure you wear a face covering

Patients needing to be seen with only Covid-19 symptoms

  • Patients will be booked into the Covid-19 hub site at Derby Urgent Care Centre (DUCC), Entrance C, Osmaston Rd, Derby DE1 2GD
  • .Please do not arrive early for your appointment to avoid unnecessary congestion and ensure social distancing
  • Please ensure we have a correct mobile number for you and car registration number for the booking process.
  • Full PPE will be worn by all staff and you should also wear a face covering

We appreciate your continued understanding and patience during this difficult time. We have been very touched by the messages of support we have received, and goodwill and understanding shown by the local community, thank you.

The Doctors  & Staff at The Vernon Street Medical Centre