Who is at high risk during Covid-19 outbreak?

During the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak the groups of people at very high and high risk have been highlighted.

The very high risk group is made up of those:

  • who are post-transplant
  • with cancer having active chemo/radiotherapy.
  • with haematological cancers (at any stage of treatment).
  • with severe chest conditions (CF, asthmatics who require admission/oral steroids)
  • with severe diseases such as those needing dialysis

The high risk group is made up of those:

  • who are pregnant.
  • who are over 70, regardless of any medical conditions.
  • adults under 70 who qualify for a flu jab, which means:
  • with long-term respiratory conditions
  • with chronic heart, liver and kidney disease
  • with chronic neurological conditions
  • with diabetes
  • after a splenectomy/sickle cell disease
  • with aeakened immune system: HIV/AIDS, on steroids, having chemotherapy
  • who are severely obese (BMI ≥40)

More information can be found on the NHS website for self-isolation and the Government information on ‘what is self-isolation and who does it affect’